Goldbaum & Partners is an investment firm exclusively focused on digital assets. The company is developing a suite of optimised, regulated digital asset investment funds for institutional and private investors who want professionally managed exposure to this ascending asset class.


Run by an experienced team of established traders and investment strategy managers, Goldbaum & Partners leverages extensive expertise in digital asset risk management, fund strategies, institutional trading and capital markets. Goldbaum & Partners is laser focused on risk management and security, fund returns, longevity and liquidity, with absolute regulatory compliance.

A New Frontier

Providing digital asset solutions and expertise to experienced and institutional investors

Operating at the forefront of the increasingly prominent digital asset environment, we are proud to bridge the gap between the “traditional“ and “emerging“ investment opportunities.
Goldbaum & Partners is establishing itself as a leader in a high potential and strong growth market, inspiring confidence by capitalizing on technical expertise in the blockchain ecosystem, and market intelligence. Allowing institutions to access the benefits that exposure to this new asset class can bring in terms of yield, liquidity and portfolio diversification.


"Our goal is to connect digital asset
expertise with institutional investment appetite."

Our Motivation

Our goal is to provide a diversified spectrum of digital asset and blockchain related investment products to investors who have indicated significant interest in and appetite for this asset class. We are dedicated to quality governance and meticulous management of our market risk protocols, ensuring that all trading tactics and strategies are aligned to optimize yield benefits and risk mitigation for our clients.

Your Benefits

Committed to enduring relationships, longevity and robust returns, we cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our clients and investment partners. Our core competence in digital asset investment, personalised approach, and technologically backed advisory, inspires confidence amongst our clients and peers.

"A company's worth
is no greater than its ambitions."


Favourable business environment for uprising markets.


The Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission are committed to establishing Gibraltar a prime jurisdiction for blockchain commerce. This policy intent has been reinforced with the introduction of the Distributed Ledger Technology Providers Regulations on 1 January 2018.

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