Goldbaum & Partners is launching a series of innovative & regulated digital asset investment funds which will open the digital asset marketplace to a powerful and experienced class of institutional and qualified investors, bringing “tectonic change” to financial markets.

New Impulses

Opening the digital asset
marketplace to a powerful
and experienced class of
investors …

As pioneers in the field, we are proud to bridge the gap between the “traditional“ and “newly emerging“ worlds of international finance. Goldbaum & Partners is establishing itself as a driver of change, a leader in a high potential and strong growth market, capitalizing on expertise in the blockchain ecosystem and digital asset investment world.


"Our goal is to bond millennials' blockchain
expertise with institutional investment appetite."

Our Motivation

Our goal is to bond millennials’ blockchain expertise and institutional investment appetite, and to provide a diversified spectrum of digital asset and blockchain related investment products.

Committed to professionalism, we consider our stakeholders as longterm stable partners, who will benefit from the continuous increase in value our company offers as we further develop a fundamentally sustainable and successful operating model.

Your Benefits

We guide our clients and investment partners. Our core competence translates into personalised and technologically safe advisory services, aiming for absolute returns in this new era of digital asset management.

"A company's worth
is no greater than its ambitions."


Favourable business environment for uprising markets.


The Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission have proven their intention to make Gibraltar a prime jurisdiction for blockchain business. Following the introduction of the new Distributed Ledger Technology Providers Regulations on 1 January 2018, the interest in Gibraltar ever since has been over and above what anyone expected.

Existing wisdom from the traditional financial world and the resulting speed to market component are priceless weapons that can be used to increase the profit opportunities and to mitigate the risks for our customers.

Our collaborations